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Drones secretly filming Indigenous Mapuche ceremonies.
Community denounces: During our Nguillatun Weichan – a sacred ceremony for our Mapuche nation – Our privacy has been violated, probably by Chilean intelligence services, who recorded our ceremony with a drone without our authorization.

Luckily our Weichafe (Warriors) the drone was shot down while it was flying over our ceremonial space. In addition, they took a tablet and from men who were falling apart in a private vehicle.

We want to make clear that their actions do not intimidate us, rather this strengthens us as a lof, it unites us. We know that the path we have chosen is not easy, repression will always be present, they continue to wage war on us.

* Konas or Weichafes are the protectors of a Mapuche ceremony

People are using an Ipad mini to see the location and a control unit to navigate the drone

A MicroSD memory card for the recording